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"I enjoy seeing the younger generation get involved with the arts and being able to use their God-given talents to glorify our Saviour thru music; and Legacy gives me the opportunity to teach that."

-Lee Threadgill, Instructor

"We chose Legacy of the Arts for their reputation, convenience, and the high level of quality for such a reasonable price! Everyone we've come in contact with at Legacy of the Arts has been courteous, professional, and great for my child to work with. As an added bonus, she actually likes to practice and show me what she's learned!" 

-Heather Bateman, Parent

"I chose to teach for Legacy because I love what Legacy stands for across all areas of study. At Legacy, we believe in integrity and excellence.  Also, I love Legacy's philosophy of how the instructors are carrying on the legacy of what we have been taught in our past to our students. In turn, we make it our goal to pass the legacy on to our students to achieve their own unique voice in their chosen art." 

-Leslie Ann Godwin, Instructor

"Ivy started taking with Legacy of the Arts because of the convenience, but we don't love Legacy just because of the convenience factor.  Ivy loves her instructors.  For a child to be enthusiastic about learning an instrument,  I think it is important to have instructors that can connect and "get down on a child's level".  Ivy's teacher did that, and she now loves guitar.  My other child Connor has just begun taking with Legacy and already loves his instructor, especially the way he talks to him.  All of Legacy's instructors have given them encouragement and told them they are doing wonderful. I love that I can talk to the instructors and/or the coordinator if I have a question.  I have absolutely loved this program.  I think it's great for my chidlren and even myself."

-Angela Thompson, Parent 

"This is our second year with Legacy.  My son loves to come to lessons.  The people at Legacy have become like friends to him. On lesson days he lights up and is ready to go.  I've always told my child that God has special talents for each of us, and Legacy is helping Braxton find and fulfill one of those talents.  We love Legacy and look forward to staying in the program for the years to come." 

-Lacy Prater, Parent